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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my Chapter 13 Plan Feasible?

01 Dec 2017
Published in F.A.Q.
To determine the feasibilily of a chapter 13 repayment plan, we would simply look at the debts to be repayed over the course of the chapter 13 bankruptcy. We then…
Parts of the bankruptcy code are specific to property owners. The bankruptcy court is designed to have jurisdiction over a debtor's real property and assets. In preparation for bankruptcy a…

Does bankruptcy ruin my credit?

27 Jan 2017
Published in F.A.Q.
Active creditors at the time of your filing must begin to report the debt as subject to bankruptcy. This effectively prevents a continued decline in your credit score. The public…
The simple answer is to explore chapter 13 if your bankruptcy objectives are incompatible with the restrictions of chapter 7. Compared to chapter 7 chapter 13 has:
The United States bankruptcy court accepts petitions filed by debtors under bankruptcy law. In addition to the debtor,(the person, married couple or corporation that declares bankruptcy) a bankruptcy case has…

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